We are fortunate that our rich, vibrant history is so recent— and our legacy so accessible. Our written history goes back less than two hundred years— and yet so much has happened throughout that brief time. The following pages tell the stories of the people who have been here, and how they have helped to make Glen Ellen the special place it is today.

The Original People
Three different groups of people lived in the Valley of the Moon for thousands of years— they are known today as the Wappo, the Pomo, and the Miwok. Here is more detail about who they are.

The Californios
For 23 years our valley was the northern frontier of Mexico, ruled at first by the missionary fathers and then by Comandante Mariano Vallejo— until the Bear Flag Revolt in 1846.

The Pioneers
American control of our valley began with the Bear Flag Revolt, followed quickly by the discovery of gold and California statehood. Here are some of our earliest American residents.

The Settlers
In time ranches became farms, and our valley was settled by families. Trails became roads and railroads, and the landscape was harnessed to provide for a rapidly changing society.

A New Century
A state institution for the severely disabled was established here, bringing caring, patient people to help establish Glen Ellen as a thriving community. Famous people came to stay as well, adding to our reputation as a cultural destination.

Modern Times
The world changed rapidly during the Sixties, and so did our valley as the back-to-the-land movement introduced revolutionary notions of consciousness and culture. Here are some significant figures from our recent past.